Harina de Trigo y Algas Marinas
  • Harina de Trigo y Algas Marinas
  • Harina de Trigo y Algas Marinas

Wheat flour + seaweed

Healthy flour made of whole grain wheat and Chilean seaweed, sustainably harvested by traditional coastal communities of Chile’s 6th Region.


We utilize the full nutritional potential of the Chilean seaweed by using it on healthy flours, adding value to the product and working with coastal harvesting communities under fair trade and sustainable extraction standards.

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$ 2.990

tax incl.

Our products have high nutritional content, being rich in fiber, natural antioxidants and low in fat. In addition, they contain essential vitamins and minerals. Nün flours can be used to prepare the same recipes that can be made with regular flours, such as bread, pasta, pies, empanadas, cookies, pizza, among others. By using our flours, people integrate the consumption of seaweed into their daily diet, enjoying all the nutritional benefits.

Format: 700 g

Shelf life: 1 year

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